As you know, many Australians spend their retirement touring our wonderful country by campervan and caravan, but did you know that is also becoming popular for Japanese to do the same in Japan.?

I noticed a tennis court near our home in Nagano was converted into a mobile camping site and is often visited by Japanese grey nomads.

So I was not surprised to find that foreign tourists are now renting camper vans and touring the country and there are a number of rental companies catering to foreign visitors.  Here is a report taken from International Living by an Aussie who recently toured the country:

Japan by Campervan | By Greg Goodmacher | International Living

 Picture yourself comfortably cruising through rolling fields of green tea bushes, discovering exotic, weather-worn wooden temples, walking amid Japanese World Heritage sites and falling asleep at night after a long soak in a natural hot spring. I’ve done it, so can you.

 A roving retirement experience allows for longer stays and a more immersive interaction with the culture and geography of this most rewarding of countries. That differs from what the majority of the over 30 million tourists to Japan in 2018 did.

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Something to think about if you love traveling in Japan!

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