Hike the Ancient Salt Trail

Upcoming Hikes 19th to 26th May 2024 20th to 27th October 2024 Highlights include: Hiking on good trails and back roads for about 70km along the ancient Shio-no-michi, or Salt Trail, that starts on the Sea of Japan and climbs up through a deep river valley to 1,000m along the foot of the North Alps.

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Shionomichi Trail in Spring

This Spring I decided to walk the last 40 kilometers of the Shionomichi Trail going to the start/finish of the trail in Matsumoto.  I did it on two separate days about a month apart.  Spring is a wonderful season in the high plains and mountains of Nagano as the earth starts to warm up again

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Spring Greetings from Japan!

We hope that however and wherever you have been spending the Covid-19 lockdown that you are staying physically and mentally healthy.  Hopefully, we can all get through this tough time without getting sick and losing our incomes.  Hopefully too, we can start getting out and about and eventually being able to travel to Japan to

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Jomon cultural revival

ShumiStay Japan customers who have been on some of our trips will have encountered various museums and archeological sites associated with the Jomon period 3,000 to 5,000 years ago. This interesting article indicates that there is a revival in learning and experiencing the Jomon culture. Here is a photo of one of our groups

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