Why I like to live in a kominka (farmhouse)

Ever since I first came to Japan and backpacked around western Japan for 2 months during my summer university vacation over 45 years ago, I have been fascinated by Japanese architecture. I couldn’t believe that the great big temples, shrines and castles that I visited on that first trip, like the Todaiji in Nara, Izumo [...]


Jomon cultural revival

ShumiStay Japan customers who have been on some of our trips will have encountered various museums and archeological sites associated with the Jomon period 3,000 to 5,000 years ago. This interesting article indicates that there is a revival in learning and experiencing the Jomon culture. Here is a photo of one of our groups [...]


For lovers of Japanese “washi” paper

For our lovers of Japanese washi “paper”, I recommend checking out the March edition of  “Highlighting Japan” ( a free monthly magazine with various interesting articles about Japan) which showcase washi’s strength, beauty, and its potential. The online magazine HIGHLIGHTING JAPAN is published once a month by the Japanese government to help readers better understand [...]

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