Travels with Tricia in Japan

Brisbane based artist Tricia Smout wrote a delightful article for the Qld. Papermakers’ of her trip with us to Japan in April last year. It certainly was a busy program encompassing everything from cherry blossoms and Mt Fuji to 6 or 7 textile and paper crafts workshops. download | view the article here in the [...]

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Hiking the beautiful Shio-no-michi and Shinetsu Trails in Autumn

Hiking along ancient trails has only become popular with foreign visitors to Japan in the last few years, with trails like the Kumano Kodo and Nakasendo, now seemingly on every foreign traveller’s must do list, and becoming quite over-crowded. So, when an old pal, Tom, contacted us wanting to take a group of hikers on [...]

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Kengo Kuma – our favourite architect

Those of you who have travelled with us to make traditional washi at ‘Kamikoya’ deep in the mountains of Shikoku will have visited the quaint town of Yusuhara. Yusuhara is a major timber producing centre that was going into decline because of cheaper imported timber so several years ago the town invited Mr Kengo Kuma, [...]

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Our first “artist-in-residence” at our home in Nagano – “Mokurenso” (Magnolia House)

Last May we had the pleasure of hosting Jenny Jackett, a well-known weaver from Brisbane, for a textile and weaving shumi-stay at our home in rural Nagano. It was the first time for us to host a shumi-stay at our home, “Mokurenso”, which means ‘magnolia house’ because we have a huge magnolia tree in the [...]

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Nishijima washi: transforming old fibres into specialty art paper

We came across this fascinating article about a traditional way of making washi using recycled ingredients and using a machine which is easier to use than the big vats so that one person can do one thousand large sheets in a day! It turns out that Nishijima is not that far from where we live [...]

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Our first Spring Cherry Blossom tour featuring “Nuno & Washi”

In April this year we took a group of 6 genki (energetic) ladies (Ann, Helen, Jen, Renate, Susan and Tricia) during the spring sakura (cherry) blossom season for a 14-day shumistay program focussed on nuno and washi shumis (textiles and paper). Even though the blossoms were two weeks early this year we caught them at [...]

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