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Nishijima washi: transforming old fibres into specialty art paper

We came across this fascinating article about a traditional way of making washi using recycled ingredients and using a machine which is easier to use than the big vats so that one person can do one thousand large sheets in a day! It turns out that Nishijima is not that far from where we live [...]

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Our first Spring Cherry Blossom tour featuring “Nuno & Washi”

In April this year we took a group of 6 genki (energetic) ladies (Ann, Helen, Jen, Renate, Susan and Tricia) during the spring sakura (cherry) blossom season for a 14-day shumistay program focussed on nuno and washi shumis (textiles and paper). Even though the blossoms were two weeks early this year we caught them at [...]

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